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Hello everyone. I am a newly elected chairman of the Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (KSPM) during 2019-2020. I have started my work in the moment of the disruptive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. We have watched the eye-opening CAR-T cell therapy introduction, the convergence of various disciplines, and the adaption of information technology such as the artificial intelligence into the pharmaceutical industry. And soon, stem cell therapies, microbiome-related products, gene-editing technology et al will be followed. Accordingly, it will be required of synthetic and flexible approach, brand new R&D tools, and the changes of regulatory science. In line with these changes, for the KSPM, intelligence and experiences, efforts and dedication will be essential. To fulfil these purposes and responsibilities, these activities are needed of the fortified and diversified new-comer education for the soft landing, proactive sharing of the information and intelligence, collaboration with the allied professionals, and the friendship among the member of the KSPM. During my period, I will try to convert from by standing to participation, from exclusiveness to openness, from clinical development to the whole life cycle of drug development, from pharmaceutical physician to pharmaceutical medicine. I would like to ask every one of us walking together in the long march to the happiness and health of human kind.